There had been no surefire cure for baldness, but we now have a break-through based on advanced bio-technology.


Our Sydney hair loss clinic employs various treatments used in the industry to date. What sets us apart is our cytokine therapy which is the most effective and advanced treatment developed using a patented DNA-recombinant technology.


Our treatment targets the root causes of hair loss resulting in a significantly high success rate. It:


  • Blocks the action of Di-hydro Testosterone (DHT) which is the main cause for hair loss for men and women.


  • Inhibits negative hair loss growth factors.


  • Stimulates hair growth with hair growth factor complex.

  • Topically supplies nutrients to help hair grow to its fullest and thickest.


No invasive surgical treatment is used. The results are outstanding!! Visible hair restoration can sometimes be seen even before the 10-week program is completed. The following shows the hair loss process uncovered and reversed by medical sciences and our combined treatment solutions.




  • There are many reasons for hair loss which includes medication, radiation, chemotherapy, exposure to chemicals, hormonal and nutritional factors, thyroid disease, generalized or local skin disease, and stress.

  • Hair loss occurs because of the effects of DHT on the hair follicles for 95% of men and 70% of women.

  • DHT is a male sex hormone, an androgen. Male and female adults can lose hair as a consequence of changes in the metabolism of androgen in the body - men more commonly than women.

  • In a micro level, DHT secretes hair growth inhibiting factors such as BMP, TGF-b  and DKK-1. For more information, click here.

  • The most important part of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla, which is responsible for the growth of hair. The dermal papilla cells divide and differentiate to form new hair follicles.

  • The papilla is in direct contact with the skin's blood capillaries, from which it gets essential nutrients for proper hair follicle growth.

  • When DHT gets to the dermal papilla and secretes hair growth inhibiting factors, they kill surrounding cells. Healthy hair follicles are destroyed and rapidly move to resting phase (telogen).

  • Hair follicles are detached from blood capillaries and without proper nutrition, the resting phases (telogen) gets longer while the growing phases (anagen) gets shorter.






DHT secretes hair growth inhibiting factors that kill hair follicle cells.


Healthy hair follicles are destroyed and rapidly move to rest phases.



Hair follicle is separated from blood capillaries resulting in hair loss without proper nutrition.








The treatment consists of a combination of four approaches. 


  1. Block male hormone, hydrotestosterone, turning to DHT 

  2. Block DHT affecting hair follicles

  3. Promote new cellular regeneration in the derma papilla so that the hair follicle resumes growth with a new hair formed and growing out of the hair follicle

  4. Provide nutrients essential for hairs to grow

The injected ingredients block DHT effect while stimulating hair growth. A raft of nutrients are also supplied to the hair follicle to help a healthy and strong growth. Our mesotherapy is the most effective tretment for hair prevention and hair regrowth thanks to the cytokine based hair revitalizer that is synthesised using the advanced bio-technology.


The treatment is painless, simple and safe. There is no dressing or local anaesthesia required. After the treatment, patients are able to immediately return to their normal schedule and resume their regular activities.






Cytokines & Nutrients











A new hair is formed and pushes the old one out.


Stimulate hair regrowth - New hair grows, becomes longer and thicker.




Low Level Laser Therapy is one of the most advanced hair loss treatments available that can help men and women who are suffering from hiar loss achieve fuller and thicker hair. It is a non-surgical treatment that applies infrared light therapy to a person's scalp to stimulate his or her hair growth. 


Low Level Laser Therapy works by delivering light energy directly to the scalp. This energy promotes cellular metabolism and increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the follicles.


It is used in combination with the Mesotherapy and the results are fuller, healthier and more manageable hair with volume.


Used in combination with mesh-therapy




Home care is part of the "Guaranteed Results" professional treatment program. Self-treatment kit is provided for use at home between weekly visits in order to boost the in-clinic treatment.