The self-treatment kit is for those who are busy to commit to the regular visit to our clinic or have financial resources tied up with other more important matters. It is designed to treat at home without the need to come to our clinic. No compromise for the outcome.

The self-treatment kit has a complete set of product, scalp massager and an application device that cover every aspect of effective hair growth. The package also includes free consultation and periodic monitoring of the progress in our clinic during the program. 

The starter kit comprises of:


  • Hair revitalising serum,

  • Hair growth booster serum containing concentrated growth factor complex,

  • Anti-hair loss shampoo,

  • Derma roller,

  • Electric scalp massager,

  • Detailed treatment instruction


While treatment instruction and plan are provided, it is easy to do it by yourself. If you are too busy for a weekly commitment, living in the distance, or want economic hair loss treatment, try the self-treatment kit. You won't be disappointed!

Self-treatment kit

Scalp massager

Self-Treatment (Home Kit)