Human growth factors are naturally occurring specialised peptide molecules that are produced by our body. They allow for normal cell division and regeneration. They stimulate epithelial cell growth and reproduction, collagen synthesis, and blood-vessel formation.

​Growth factors were discovered by Stanley Cohen, an American Biochemist and Rita Levi-Montalcini, who explained the role of growth factors in the regulating of cell growth and development. They received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986 for their work.

The discovery opened the door for research on synthesizing growth factors using bio-recombinant technology. As they have been used in clinical anti-ageing medicine since, the landscape of skin rejuvenation has also changed particularly for the skin care formulators wise enough to recognise the power of growth factors.


The benefits of the growth factor application has lately been explored in hair loss treatment. Growth factors responsible for hair growth have been identified and used as ingredients of hair loss treatment products. 


Growth factors are the latest technology for hair loss solution based on modern medical science. No other product is comparable to ours in concentration, purity and bio-activity. This is why our treatment produces such superior results compared to any other non-surgical treatment methods.

Our product contains nine growth factors. While each of them having specific role in relation to hair growth, e.g., to proliferate hair cells, to increase blood supply to follicles resulting in more oxygen and nutrients supply to the follicles, the growth factors boost hair re/growth reversing hair loss cycle that cannot be easily attained by traditional hair loss treatment methods.


Science Based On







Hair Loss Process In a Hair Follicle


  1. Substances inducing hair loss such as free radicals and male hormone enter the dermal papilla cell of the proliferating and growing hair cells.

  2. The hair-loss inducing substances deliver a cell destruction signal to the cell DNA.

  3. The recipient cell produces cell destruction growth factors (BMP, TGF-β, DKK-1) that are secreted to outer cell.

  4. The cell destruction growth factors are attached to receptors and the surrounding cells are killed.

  5. Hair follicles are destroyed and rapidly move to ‘growth’ -> ‘rest’ cycle which results in shortening the hair growth cycle and hair loss.





Hair loss process diagram

Hair Growth Process in a Hair Follicle


  1. In the growth cycle of the hair, hair follicle growth inducing growth factors act.

  2. Noggin: Inhibits BMP and enhance stem cell differentiation. Hair follicle cells start proliferation.

  3. Wnt: Inhibits DKK-1. Wnt sends DNA of a cell a signal to produce and secrete cell proliferating growth factors .

  4. Cell proliferating growth factors are produced and secreted to outer cell.

  5. Cell proliferating growth factors are attached to receptors of the surrounding cells which causes cell proliferation.

  6. Hair grows and enters a growth phase (anagen).



Growth factors causing hair loss:

  • BMP: Inhibits generation of new hair follicle and cell growth by inhibiting stem cell differentiation.

  • TGF- β: Inhibit cell growth, stimulates generation of cell destruction factors resulting in cell destruction

  • DKK-1: Destroys cell by breaking down protein of hair follicle.


Growth factors stimulating hair growth:


  • Noggin: Stimulate hair follicle by differentiating stem cell. Stimulate cell growth and proliferation. Inhibit DKK-1 and activate Wnt which produces cell proliferating growth factors.​

  • KGF, SCF, bFGF, VEGF, IGF-1: Stimulate proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle. Maintain a growth phase (anagen). 

Hair growth process diagram

Growth Factor vs PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) & Stem Cell



  • Hairgen Growth Factors contain over 100 times more than PRP and Stem Cell in concentration.

  • PRP and Stem Cell also contain unidentified substances that may be harmful to hair cells.

  • Hairgen Growth Factors are produced in accordance with a accredited method, and contain accurate quantity of a growth factor. 




Comparison between Hairgen GF and PRP/Stem Cell

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell are one of the mostly used hair loss treatments by many hair loss clinics. The key elements in both of the treatments are growth factors. While they are reported effective for hair loss prevention/hair regrowth as well as other clinical or beauty therapies, our growth factor therapy outperforms them due to much higher concentration of growth factor. The table below shows comparison in growth factor concentration between our growth factor therapy and PRP/Stem Cell therapies.