About us

Situated just a minut's walk from the Eastwood station in Sydney, Hairgen Hair Loss Control Centre has become known as the most economic but the most effective hair loss treatment place.

Hairgen Hair Loss Control Centre is specialised in nothing but non-surgical hair loss treatment for natural hair regrowth. It's treatment method is unique in Australia using an advanced technology product in combination with methods employed by most of other hair loss clinics in Australia. The clinically proven product is available from no other place but only in our clinic. It is however the most used product for hair loss treatment in the country of the origin of the technology and about 300,000 patients have been treated with this product over the last 2-3 years since its release.

Hairgen Hair Loss Control Centre prides itself in delivering unmatched results thanks to our unique treatment protocol. The photos of the treatment results displayed in this site speak for themselves. Our superior hair loss treatment is effective for both men and women regardless of the age.

We offer a genuine "Guaranteed Results". We fully refund the fee if, after the full treatment program, there is no detectable hair growth. It is no sales gimmick, it is a genuine guarantee we offer as we are confident in our practice. We don't just promise, we deliver.